The creative crew based in Kingston Upon Hull.

Graphic designers through and through.  We have been in the industry since the 1990's.  Specialising in visual identity and brand development.

the right choice for you

If you have been shopping around and doing your due-diligence, trying to find the right designer for you/ your company- you will most likely have seen most/all of the generic phrases and words like:

'Innovative'  'Pro-active'  'Hard-working'  'Out of the box'  'Think tank'  'Exceeding expectations'  'blah'  'blah'  'blah' 

At The Bear Branding Company, we have no time (or the need) for such garnish. To simplify who we are and what we do:

We are designers that specialise in brand creation and visual identity, and we do websites too.  Simple.

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